Lady Nancy Edson
High Priestess




Za-Hir-U-Din Ladies achieve to set their goals as set forth at the organizational meeting in 1903, which are to promote sociability, good fellowship and the betterment of all Ladies within our organization.

Our ladies participate in parades, Child-care mini-clinics and Shrine Circuses, just to name a few. There are a variety of units within the Order, such as the Annie Oakley's, Clowns, Salaams, Dervishers, Q unit, Ebrics unit and Pages and Slaves dancers.

In addition to our goals of fun and fellowship are the Shriners Hospitals for Children with the first hospital opening in 1922. Za-Hir-U-Din Ladies of LOSNA are committed to supporting the Shrine's official philanthropy. The ladies also support various special projects with emphasis given to the LOS Special Project for the year, chosen by the reigning Grand High Priestess.