Lady Karen Przytula PHP, Grand Outer Guard

Grand Outer Guard of the Grand Council Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America

Lady Karen Przytula

The subordinate courts are governed by the Grand Council of the Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America which was established in 1914. I am now starting my second year on the Executive Board as the Grand Inner Guard. There are 14 Grand Officers and the core of Past Grand High Priestesses that form the Executive Board. Each year there is an election to elect a new Grand Outer Guard. At the completion of the year for the Grand High Priestess, she is elected to fill the position of the Grand Trustee 3 Year and will be a Grand Trustee for 3 years. The rest of the Grand Officers advance a station upward, with the exception of the Grand Recorder and Grand Treasurer, who are elected to fill their positions each year. Za-Hir-U-Din Ct #7 has had 2 Grand High Priestesses; Lady Alma Sandel 1938-1939 and Lady Lucille Fischer 1963-1964. My first year on the Executive Board was an exciting experience of learning traditions, attending Unit Meets, representing our court at Official Visits and understanding the administration of our LOSNA Corporation. I am looking forward to gain even more knowledge and experience in the coming year.