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From Nancy Edson High Priestess:

I would like to thank the Ladies of a Hir U Din for their great support during my year as Princess. The Princes luncheon, Bowl a thon and many other fund raisers would not habeen the great success if it was not for all of you. Thank you to our High Priesttess Lady Hazel for all her support and encouragement during my journey for they are the mentors that help all of us to become the best we can be. 

 From Michelle Geske  Princess:

Wow! Where has the time gone?  I am coming to the end of my Associate PRincess year and it just totally flew by. All the ladies have been saying tme goes fast, but I just took it at face value. I habe been so fortunate to be a part of this fantastic fourt and to be honored by all of you. I continue to learn every day about LOS and about the fabulous things our Shriine Childers Hospitals are doing. I was blessed to visit 3 of our hospital this year. If you have not had the oppurtunity to visit one, please try and go to an open house or just be a ride along when we take the childre, it gives a much better perspective on what our mission i